Power Animals Cards

Power Animals Cards

Produkt: Power Animals Cards
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Karty z instrukcją po angielsku

49 kart o wymiarach 9.5 x 13.8cm


Animals fascinate and affect us. Often we intuit, that they possess exceptional powers and skills. When we mentally connect ourselves to them, we can use their spiritual powers and adopt their skills as our own. These unique animal cards, illustrated with great empathy, have their own aura. Find your very own personal animal helper - for a current issue, for the near future or for your whole life. Use the power and the messages they provide to build and extend your own potential.

Regula Meyer lives a very spiritual life with a close proximity to nature. She conducts classes, workshops and workgroups, where she passes on her experience and her knowledge. She has also published several successful books.

Karin Lurz is a photographer, a painter and an illustrator. In making these animal-illustrations, the versatile artist has fulfilled one of her heartfelt wishes.





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