The Sacred World Oracle, Kris Waldherr

The Sacred World Oracle, Kris Waldherr

Produkt: The Sacred World Oracle, Kris Waldherr
Data dodania: środa, 09 kwiecień 2014
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Cena: 82,00zł


Zestaw w języku angielskim
44 karty o wymiarach ok. 9 x 11.5cm i instrukcja



With stunning artwork by renowned artist Kris Waldherr, The Sacred World Oracle celebrates the beauty of the earth and the diversity of its creatures. Drawing from mythology, folklore, and nature this deck offers gentle guidance and practical wisdom for all of life’s challenges.

The Sacred World Oracle is comprised of 44 oracle cards organized into four quadrants representing the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Each color-coded quadrant is associated with ten different animals. The 48-page booklet presents keywords and a narrative description of the mythological significance of each card.




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