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Dragon Path Oracle Cards, używane

Dragon Path Oracle Cards, używane

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  • Poczta Polska 9.99 zł brutto
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  • Poczta Polska - przesyłka zagraniczna 30.00 zł brutto
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  • UPS przesyłka zagraniczna 35.00 zł brutto
  • UPS przesyłka zagraniczna 49.00 zł brutto
  • Orlen Paczka 8.49 zł brutto
Opis produktu
A unique oracle deck to channel the energy and insight of the 33 powerful dragon guides revealed over two decades to the original Dragon Lady Caroline Mitchell. The dragons urge us to become the best possible version of ourselves, to release fears and pain, to accept and nurture ourselves and embrace our spiritual awakening.

Dragons are immensely powerful, creative, inquisitive and honourable beings, with enormous compassion and often a dry sense of humour. This ground-breaking oracle deck allows users to connect with 33 dragons, each with their own personality and way of helping us. Each of the 33 stunning cards represents one of the dragons, and an 80-page booklet profiles the dragons in detail, suggesting how to work with their energy.

33 karty 9x13cm, napisy i książeczka po angielsku.
Karty po zwrocie, stan idealny.

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