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Positive Astrology Cards

Positive Astrology Cards

Krystal Savoy

Producent: US Games/AGM

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Opis produktu

Karty w języku angielskim

The Positive Astrology Cards unlock the ancient wisdom of the stars.

For beginners or experienced astrologers, the detailed guidebook and gorgeous 73- card deck assists you in understanding your personality and knowing how to best utilize the qualities of the zodiac’s daily and monthly cycles for abundance and success.

Learn to give readings with a positive approach to enrich the lives of yourself and others.

The set consists of

12 Zodiac Sun Signs Cards

12 Zodiac Moon Signs Cards

12 Zodiac Ascendant Signs Cards

10 Planets Cards

12 House System Cards

10 Further Astrology Cards

5 Guide Cards

1 Guidebook

Krystal Savoy is an intuitive astrologer, graphic designer, writer and entrepreneur. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003.

73 karty o wymiarach 8.5 x 12.2 cm

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