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REIKI Healing Sound

REIKI Healing Sound

Cena: 45.00 brutto

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Opis produktu


The motto of our publishing house is “The Best Relaxation Music”. Every CD we produce containts compositions based on deep experience and the best abilities of the authors. Therefore, the music itself is simply beautiful and efectively helps in reaching the state of amusement and relaxation.  While listening to our music everyone will find something specific enough to perceive it as his or her favourite. In this way we are putting our “The Best Relaxation Music” motto into practice.

Music for healing through touch.

  1. Warm and Wonderful 13’30
  2. Opening the Loving Heart 13’14
  3. Violet Imagines 13’13
  4. Just for Today 21’59


Łączny czas 60’57

Kod producenta: v150

Stan produktu: nowy

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