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The Faeries Oracle, Brian Froud, używane

The Faeries Oracle, Brian Froud, używane

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Opis produktu

Bring the insight, wisdom, and joy of the faeries into your life.

Using the enchanted art of Brian Froud as your guide, enter into the wise and wonderful world of the faeries. The Faeries' Oracle calls on sylphs, pans, gnomes -- and, of course, faeries -- to lead you on a delightful journey of adventure, discovery, and enlightenment that will illuminate the future and heal the heart and soul. This beautifully designed divination set contains everything you will need to explore this mysterious realm, including:

-A complete deck of 66 radiant cards by Brian Froud featuring goblins, moon dancers, pixies, boggarts, and other faery folk we first met in Good Faeries/Bad Faeries

-208-page illustrated book with text by Jessica Macbeth, which will show you how to read the cards of The Faeries' Oracle, with particular instruction on personally connecting to and communicating with the faeries


66 kart o wymiarach 7.5 x 13cm, dołączona książka z opisem w języku angielskim 208 stron

karty były używane do zrobienia skanów - stan idealny

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